Electric cars are everywhere. No, it’s true: read the latest from both the media and the industry, and you could easily think they were.

If it’s not IBM telling the world that 20 percent of customers would be “somewhat or very likely” to buy an all-electric car, it’s Tesla Motors announcing they’ve already shipped 1,500 of their mightily impressive-looking Roadsters.

But as we’ve said before, there are some nagging doubts about battery-powered vehicles that need addressing before you’ll see one in everybody’s next-door neighbour’s garage.

Regular readers will have twigged that we at the Energy Saving Trust harbour our electric dreams – but the mass of people are quite rightly keeping those dreams in check for the time being. The industry, verified by independent experts, needs to prove itself on both safety and performance. And the powers that be need to prove there’ll be an infrastructure capable of supporting this boom in electric and alternative-fuel vehicles.

Some are taking up the challenge. Volvo caused a stir at the Detroit Motor Show last week by showcasing a crashed version of their C30 Electric – a blunt reply to those who say green driving might not be as safe.




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